Beer Can Crush Gallery

Crushed cans can help save space, making transporting recyclables more efficient. I purchased a can crusher because, in Cambridge the local council request that cans are crushed before recycling.

Exploring the can as a metaphor, I have researched Internet for random information and comments about each brand - click on the images below to read more.

Gallery 1

The first selection features all the canned beer and cider brands drank by friends and family over three months at my home. This includes Christmas and New Year parties.

Optional Audio:

Gallery 2

My local pub agreed to collect the punters beer cans. My unscientific experiment and assumption that an affluent and perhaps younger drinker would purchase these expensive cans was wrong. In fact, my own observations and those of the bar lady showed it was impossible to define a type because, the drinkers were so varied in age, gender and social background.

Below, are the different brands purchased over two evenings: