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Below is a small sample of the artwork by my great grandfather (please remember that much of the work is what he did not sell and therefore is not his best work), like me, he worked in a variety of mediums including tapestry design, painting, carving, sculpture and stained glass. And, as he lived a long life (creating right up to the end), he had time to experiment with style and subject from; stained glass widows in Rome, tapestry designs for the Cambridge Tapestry Company, portraits including dignitaries, from very realistic dutch style still lifes and very large landscapes to very abstract paintings and sculpture. One week he could be completing a well paid commission and the next, painting a local pub sign or a Chivers (as in the Jam producers) van.

He grew up in Nelson, Lancashire and first studied art at the local art college but his studies were curtailed by WW1 and volunteered along with his brother for the East Lancashire Regiment, seeing action in The Gallipoli Campaign, also known as the Dardanelles Campaign, and Mesopotamia (Iraq). After the war he studied at The Royal College of Art (RCA) alongside Reco Capey and William Rothenstein and graduated in 1923 with an ARCA Diploma in Design. Kenneth married an actress, who had appeared in the film titled 'Blue Lamp', and togethor they lived in Chelsea and very much part of the bohemian life. At some point (not sure of dates) they travelled to Rome where worked with stained glass. Togethor they had two children, Keith (my grandfather) and Sheila Joyce, however the marriage failed and he moved to Cambridge where he later remarried and set up Kenwin Studio.

I was fortunate enough to know him for the first fourteen years of my life, enjoying holidays by his side, watching sketch and paint usually in Devon and Cornwall. In addition, visiting him at weekends, eager to see what he had on his easel and to eat his ginger biscuits. However, my abiding memory is the smell of pipe tobacco and very strong coffee that was constantly on the stove. Even when I was very young, he would always encourage me to draw and later gave me my first set of oil paints and brushes. I would be very grateful if owners would send me photos of his work. He worked as designer in the 1930s at the Tapestries by Cambridge Tapestry Company at Anglesey Abbey, my aunt Joyce once showed me a large portfolio of sketches and notes for what would become tapestries and seat coverings.

Photos of Kenneth

Portrait artist Kenneth Baldwin-Smith featured in the Cambridge Evening News

Kenneth Baldwin-Smith

Featured in the Cambridge Evening News

A young Kenneth whilst still living in Nelson, Lancashire

A young Kenneth

Whilst still living in Nelson and probably just before WW1

Kenneth Baldwin-Smith in Chanack, Dardanelles

Kenneth in uniform

"To Mother and Father with love from Kenneth, Chanack, Dardanelles, 1919"

Kenneth Baldwin-Smith well dressed

Kenneth seated

Presume 1922

Kenneth Baldwin-Smith 1922

Kenneth 1922 age 22

Kenneth Baldwin-Smith 960s

Kenneth in the 60s

Various Art

Conker by Kenneth Baldwin-Smith - oil on canvas


Oil on canvas

Portrait - Oil on canvas


Oil on canvas

part of BBC ‘Your Paintings‘ project

George Harriman (1908–1973), Managing Director and Deputy Chairman, British Motor Corporation

Oil on canvas, dated 1962
"During our research at the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust we discovered one painting entitled George Harriman (1908–1973), Managing Director and Deputy Chairman, British Motor Corporation." Part of BBC ‘Your Paintings‘ project.

Landscape study by Kenneth Baldwin-Smith ARCA

Landscape study

Oil on board

Shelford in snow - 0il painting

Shelford in snow


Very close to where he had his art studio in the old Black Smith's house.

Painting depicting desert night scene with camel by Kenneth Baldwin Smith ARCA

Desert night scene with camel, probably Egypt

Painting, 1922

Photo courtesy of his great nieces and nephews who still reside in the area.

Watercolour - Flowers by K Baldwin-Smith, 1920


Watercolour 1920

Photo courtesy of his great nieces and nephews who still reside in the area.

Roughlee, East Lancashire, oil painting

Decorated Vase

Art Nouveau

Photo courtesy of his great nieces and nephews who still reside in the area.

Chalk and pastel on brown paper by Kenneth Baldwin Smith RCA


Chalk and pastel on brown paper

Photo courtesy of his great nieces and nephews who still reside in the area.

Old Laund House, Pendle Forest, Nelson

Old Laund House Pendle, Forest, Nelson

Oil, painting and details

Half mile from where he grew up at Carr Mill. Photos courtesy of his great nieces and nephews who still reside in the area.

Roughlee, East Lancashire, oil painting

Roughlee, Nelson, East Lancashire

Oil on canvas

Photo kindly sent to me. It depicts the Village of Roughlee very close to where Kenneth was brought up.

August Sunset - watercolour painting

August Sunset

Watercolour painting, 1955

Roses in vase - oil on canvas

Roses in vase

Oil on canvas

Aladdin and the lamp - watercolour

Aladdin and the lamp


Leadcut print



Hand painted letter holder

Front of letter holder

Hand painted letter holder

Enchanted Garden, 1922 watercolour by Kenneth Baldwin-Smith

Enchanted Garden, 1922

Early Watercolour, kindly gifted to me from Anne a lady from the USA

Portrait of Judge

Portrait of (unknown) Judge

Oil on canvas

Photo of art work


My aunt Sheila said this was a photo on one of his designs

poster designs by Kenneth Baldwin-Smith


Posters for Parke Davis shaving foam, Tokalon face cream, Euthymol toothpaste, Chivers Jam and Eno's Fruit Salt.

His sketchbook

Below are scans from Kenneth's sketch books, kindly given to me by a person who found them in a loft. They date from his days at ..... and later Royal Society of Art. There is also a small sketch I found tucked inside it is dated 1919 (during his time in World War 1) and is titled the 'narrows Dardanelles Dardanos fort'. In addition, I have scanned a letter (also tucked in one of the books) that I presume he received in his early career.

Pencil sketch of the Narrows Dardanelles Dardanos fort, 1919

Narrows Dardanelles Dardanos fort, 1919

Pencil on card, signed KBS

Sketchbook page


Dated 1913, when Kenneth enrolled at Nelson School of Art

English Gothic

Page from sketchbook

Titled English Gothic/p>

Appears to be a design for a poster

Page from sketchbook

Appears to be a design for a poster

Cleopatra study

Page from sketchbook


Pencil study

Page from sketchbook

Appears to be a sketch of a model or sculpture.

Greek study from sketchbook

Page from sketchbook

Greek study

Egyptian study

Page from sketchbook

Egyptian study

Pencil study

Page from sketchbook

Drawing from life, around 1921 whilst at RCA

Cows from sketchbook

Page from sketchbook

Sketches of cows

Landscape study

Page from sketchbook

Landscape sketch, note the notes of colours, he was still doing this in his 80s. I recall sketches with codes all over them to be used back in his studio when he created a painting.

Tree study

Page from sketchbook

Tree study

Perspective lesson study

Page from sketchbook

Perspective lesson

Plant study

Page from sketchbook

Plant study, dated 1921 at RCA, signed KB Smith

Letter, Grosvenor House


Letter dated 1934 to Kenneth refusal to sit for portrait

Other family members

Below are a few works by others members of his family; his son Keith and daughter Sheila Joyce (she painted under both names).

Poster design

Poster design

By Keith Baldwin-Smith

Abstract painting by Sheila Joyce Baldwin-Smith

Abstract Painting

By Sheila Joyce Baldwin-Smith, reproduced as cards

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